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Cedar Tree Pictures

Cedar Tree category contains many pictures of cedar trees, useful information about cedar trees, cedar wood photos, types of cedar trees, facts, cedar tree references to the cedar tree evergreen species.

Cedar Tree Images

Consists of two pages of cedar tree images, with an impressive cedar tree photos feature page.

Show a Cedar Tree

View cedar images by word, such as cedar type, species, bark, leaf, wood ... follow to cedar tree key word images.

Cedar Tree Photos

Enlarge each Cedar tree photo you like, just click on the tree image to make the Cedar Tree image enlarge.

Cedar Facts

Cedar Facts follow to cedar tree facts section. Cedar Tree comments can be found at cedar tree comments

Tree Galleries

Tree photo categories on the left will link you a specific tree category which will provide you with lots of pictures, facts and info about that tree type. Enjoy these pictures of cedar trees.

Cedar Tree Pictures: Photo Library of Cedars

Cedar Trees, Planted on the Side of a Hill Old Cedar Tree Trunk on Edge of the Escarpment

Cedar Tree

Decayed Cedar Tree

Cedar Tree, Cedar Landscaping Design Old Cedar Tree, Cedar Tree Disease, Bermuda

Cedar Tree

Diseased Cedar Bermuda

Cedar Tree, Golf Course Cedar by the Train Railway Cedar Lake, Mirror Cedar Tree Reflections in the Water

Ornamental Cedar

Cedar Tree Reflections

Cedars: New Cedar Tree Growing in an Old Cedar Stump Cedar Wood: Diseased Cedar Tree Wood Log

Cedar Island

Diseased Cedar Log

Cedar Tree Pictures: Landscape

Cedars: Cedar Trees Growing by the Pond Landscape Pyramidal Cedar Leaves: Snowy Cedar Leaf in Winter Pic

Row of Cedars

Snow Capped Cedar

Cedar Hedge: Cedar Trees Landscaped with Pretty White Picket Gate Picture Cedar Tree: Landscaping Property Lines with pyramidal types of cedar trees, Cedar Trees in a Row Picture Cedar Trees: Wrought Iron Fencing with Cedar Trees to Landscape Property Line and added Windbreak Picture

Cedar Hedge

Cedar Trees


Pictures of Cedar Trees: Pyramidal Shapee Cedar Type used Urban Street Landscaping Pictures of Cedar Trees: Types of Cedar Trees: Pyramid Type Cedars in Municipal Garden. Cedar Landscaping idea to conceal undesireable masonary wall Cedar Tree Types: Black Cedar Tree Type for Hedge Landscaping Privacy with Wood Gate


Pyramidal Cedars

Cedar Hedge

Cedar Hedge

CedarTrees Cedar Tree Lane Picture CedarTrees

Cedar Privacy Hedge

Cedar Hedge

Pyramidal Cedars

Cedar Trees: Landscaping with Cedar Tree at Town Hall Picture Cedar Hedge: Cedar Trees Landscaping with White Picket Gate Picture Cedar Hedge: Cedars Used with Privacy Fence Photo

Cedar Tree

Cedar Hedge

Cedar Trees

Cedar Tree Hedge: Cedar Trees planted as Privacy Hedge with Wrought Iron Fence

Cedar Hedge

Pyramidal Cedar Tree Picture: Type of cedar trees use as a Hedge to Block Hydro Transformers

Cedar Landscape

Pictures of Cedar Trees: White cedar Type of cedar trees use as a Hedge

Cedar Hedging

Types of Cedar Trees: Trimmed Pyramidal Cedar Tree Landscaping


Types of Cedar Tree: Cedar Trees Used As Windbreak Hedge

Cedar Windbreak

Types of Cedar Tree: Landscape Cedar Trees Planted on Golf Course

Cedar Trees

Cedars: Tree Photos

Old Cedar Tree Bermuda Picture
Globe Cedar Tree Type Picture; globe Cedar Trees are Prunned into a Globe Shape Cedar Tree, 2 Cedar Trees by the Waters Edge
Cedar Tree Bark
Cedars: White Cedar Trees Type - Bark, Trunk, Wood Cedar Tree Picture Cedar Tree Types; Picture of a Golden Cedar with the Cedar's Yellow Golden New Leaf Growth
Cedar Tree Bark
Cedar Tree Bark Cedar Tree Bark

Cedars: Cedar Wood Photos

Cedar Fence: Cedar Wood Boards & Posts are Highly Weather Resistant for Privacy Fencing | Cedar:Fence+Boards+Post at

Cedar Fence

Cedar Roof: Cedar Wood Shingles or Shakes are a Upscale Traditional Architectual Roofing Wood  | Cedar:Roofs at

Cedar Shingles

Cedar Hedge: New Privacy Cedar Landscape Shrub Care | Cedar:Hedges+Care at

Cedar Hedging

Pictures of Cedar Trees: Cedar Wood is Weather Resistant for Exterior Door Found on Bermuda Church | Cedar:Door at

Cedar Door

Cedar Tree Image: Cedar Wood Rafters or Timbers Create an Architectual Interior Roofing Structure and Ceiling Finish, Bermuda Church | Cedar:Roofs at

Cedar Rafters

Pictures of Cedar Trees: Cedar Tough and Grove(T & G) Wall Panelling Finish, Beams Covered in Cedar Wood, Cedar Woodwork with Clear Varathane Finish | Cedar:Wood at

Cedar Panelling

Cedar Tree Picture: Cedar Wood is Weather Resistant and used for Exterior Fence Posts | Cedar:Wood+Fence Cedar Tree Pictures: Split Cedar Wood Rails are good for Natural Landscape Fencing, Highly Weather Resistant | Cedar:Wood+Fence  

Cedars: Winter Cedar Tree Pictures

Cedar Tree Care: Picture of Cedar Tree Weighted Down with Snow Cedar Tree Leaf: Lakeside Cedar Tree Leaves with Factory Image across Frozen Lake Picture Cedar Tree Ebergreens: Cedar Tree in Winter Snow Storm Picture

Cedars: More Cedar Tree Images

Cedar Tree Picture, Pic of Old Cedar Tree Cedar Tree Picture, Image of Large Cedar Tree Cedar Tree Picture, Photo of Mature Cedar Tree
cedar tree picture cedar tree picture cedar tree picture
Big Cedar Tree Pic, Mature Solo Cedar Tree Image Large Cedar Tree Pic, Mature Old Cedar Tree Image Deodara Cedar Tree Pic, Cedar Trees & Sapling Cedar Tree Image
Cedar Tree, Eastern Red Cedar Red Cedar Tree Photo Ornamental Red Cedar Tree Picture
Cedar Tree Lane: Hedge of Cedar Trees Landscaping both sides of Country Driveway Picture Cedar Tree: Cedar Growing in Center of Pond with Canada Goose Cedar Hedge: Cedar Trees Landscaping with White Picket Gate Picture
Types of Cedar Trees: White Cedar Tree with Red Winged Black Bird Wild Life Cedar Tree Pictures: Cedar Tree Forest, Old Leaning Cedar in the Meadow with New Growth Cedars Types of Cedar Trees: Barn With Cedar Tree Landscaping
Cedar Trees: Spring Grove of Cedars at the Lake Picture Cedar Tree: Red Cedar Trees Seeds Picture

Additional Cedar Tree Photos

Cedar Tree Pictures 1 - Cedar Tree Pictures 2

Impressive Photos of Cedar Trees

Cedar Trees: Show an Cedar Tree Image


Types of Cedar Trees, Kinds of Cedar Tree Types

  • Alaskan Cedar Tree, Alaskan Weeping Cedar Tree
  • American Red Cedar Tree
  • Arizona Cedar Tree
  • Atlantic White Cedar Tree, Atlas Cedar Tree
  • Atlas Cedar Tree, Atlantic White Cedar Tree
  • Australian Cedar Tree, Australian Red Cedar Tree
  • Black Cedar Tree
  • Blue Cedar Tree, Blue Atlas Cedar Tree, Cedrus atlantica
  • Bonsai Cedar Tree
  • Cedar Trees as a species, part of Pine Tree, Pinaceae group
  • Cedar Deodar Tree, Golden Deodar Cedar Tree
  • Chinese Cedar Tree, Chinese Toon
  • Cypress Cedar Tree
  • Dwarf Cedar Tree
  • Eastern Red Cedar Tree, Juniperus virginiana
  • Eastern White Cedar Tree
  • Emerald Cedar Tree
  • Florida Cedar Tree
  • Giant Red Cedar Tree
  • Golden Cedar Tree
  • Himalayan Cedar Tree, Juniperus virginiana
  • Lebanese Cedar Tree, Juniperus virginiana
  • Japanese Cedar Tree, Juniperus virginiana
  • Juniper Cedar Tree, Juniperus ashei
  • Red Cedar Tree
  • Siberian Cedar Tree
  • Slippery Cedar Tree
  • Texas Cedar Tree, Cedar Cedar Tree
  • Weeping Cedar Trees, weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Tree, Cedrus atlantica
  • Western Cedar Tree
  • White Cedar Tree

Cedar Tree Trivia

The Cedar Tree is depicted on Lebanon's flag

Pencils are made from Incense Cedar

Furniture makers used cedar to line blanket boxes because the oil from the cedar tree is a natural insect repellent thus protecting its contents.

Cedar Trees, Facts and Types of Cedar Trees

In this cedar trees category we give you information on the Red Cedar Tree, there are however other types of cedar trees, if you want information on the other types of cedars we suggest you do a search on Google. Hopefully the following information will be helpful anyways.

Redcedar, Eastern
Juniperus virginiana

Dense pyramid shape excellent for windbreaks and screens. Birds love its berries. Medium green foliage. Likes full sun. Tolerant of most soils. Matures at 40' - 50'.

Type of tree:
The Eastern Red cedar falls into the following type(s): Evergreens
Mature Height:
The Eastern Red Cedar grows to be 40' - 50' feet in height.
Mature Spread:
The Eastern Redcedar has a spread of about 8' - 20' at full maturity.
Spread Variations:

Growth Rate:
This tree grows at a medium growth rate.

This red cedar does well in full sun.

The Eastern Red cedar grows in acidic, alkaline, drought tolerant, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, silty loam, well drained, wide range, clay soils.

Can withstand occasional flooding, yet has good drought tolerance.

This redcedar has columnar, oval, pyramidal shape.
The leaves are evergreen. On new growth and young trees, foliage is needle-like; older foliage is scale-like, with each scale about 1/16th of an inch long and compacted to form rounded or 4-sided branchlets.

Flower Color:
Greenish-yellow; nondescript.

Bloom Time:

Fruit Description:
Female cones are ovoid, 1/4" across, ripening in one year, abundant in shiny colors of brown to almost blue. Male staminate cones are yellow-brown and borne on separate plants.

Additional Information
The Eastern Red cedar tree is a common sight on road cuts and in fence rows and abandoned fields throughout most of the plains states and eastern United States, especially where limestone soils are present. It is a tree of reddish wood giving off the scent of cedar chests and its crushed berries provide a whiff of the gin they once flavored. Thanks to its tolerance of heat, salt, a wide range of soils and other adverse conditions, Eastern Redcedar is also put to good use on the farm in windbreaks and in city landscapes for hedges, screens, clumps or even as specimen trees.

Dense pyramid shape excellent for windbreaks and screens. Birds love its berries. Medium green foliage. Likes full sun. Tolerant of most soils. Matures at 40' - 50'.

Wildlife Value:
Eastern Redcedar twigs and foliage are eaten by browsers. Seeds are eaten most extensively by cedar waxwings, a grayish-brown bird.. Evergreen foliage provides nesting and roosting cover for sparrows, robins, mockingbirds, juncos, and warblers.

The Eastern Red cedar is an ancient tree, dating to aboriginal America, where fossil evidence indicates it covered large portions of the continent.

The early explorers took note of the tree. Arthur Barlowe and Phillip Amadus were quoted as saying the trees were "the tallest and reddest cedars in the world" when they arrived at Roanoke Island in 1564. Colonial craftsmen lost no time in using the wood from the Eastern Redcedar for furniture and fences as it had superior weathering capability and was easy to work with. The wood was a staple of the pencil industry for over a century until supplies became exhausted and the industry switched to more plentiful western cedars. Birds are very fond of the berries, the Cedar Waxwing taking its name from the tree whose fruit is its favorite food.

Cedar Trees Pictures

Cedar Tree Pictures 1 - Cedar Tree Pictures 2

Impressive Photos of Cedar Trees

Cedar Tree Hedge Cedar Trees Cedar Tree Row
Cedar Tree Leaves Cedar Tree Bark Cedar Tree Lane
Cedar Tree Hedge with Gate Cedar Tree Leaf

Cedar Tree Comments

Cedar Trees: Love the smell of the cedar when you rub the leaves in your fingers. One can also slow burn the green cedar branches with leaves to create a lovely sweet cedar smoke scent

Cedar Tree Care

Cedars: Cedar Tree | Tree:Cedar+Emerald at

Cedar trees do bend well under the weight of heavy wet snow and when hit with ice storms. The green cedar branches do return somewhat but it is best to beat off any heavy snow build up right away.

Smash any ice build up off but be careful as damage will occur to the cedar leaves and branches because ice has adhered to the leaves. If you have a cedar hedge, the importance and task grows with the number of trees you have.

How does one tie back 25+ cedars trees? Time consuming head ache, Lots of stakes and ropes.

Cedar Tree Hedge

Cedar trees are evergreen, leaves stay on year round, and make great privacy hedges to hide objects such as transformers, fire hydrants, neighbors old car ... and Spring time is a great growing time to plant cedars as the ground is wet, the sun not too hot to dry out the soil, so your maintenance of the trees is minimal and risk of tree loss is at it's lowest.

Emerald Cedar Trees

Emerald or pyramidal cedar is readily sold by the truck load at the local building store and garden centers in Spring. Pyramidal cedar's bright green dense leaf foliage are great for decorative hedges but if privacy is a concern the emerald or pyramidal cedar must be planted close together and given many years to offer the privacy of a fence.

White or black cedar trees make better privacy hedges. These can to be found at your higher end garden or landscape center. These cedars will grow together better into a wider and taller hedge that will offer you the privacy, wind protection and hide large objects that you want.

Cedar Trees Trimmed

Cedar hedges which are trimmed and shaped at least once a year always look best.

Cedar Hedge

Cedars can serve two privacy purposes. One to prevent neighboring eyes from seeing you ... and second to prevent and hide undesirable objects from your view.

Cedar Hedge Privacy Example: a neighbors driveway borders your property and now mature 20 foot (6 metre) high cedars hide the activity of coming and going of traffic.

Cedar Hedges

Mature Cedar hedge offers great year round privacy but can also be used to define and remind your neighbors where your property line is. Cedar tree hedges on larger properties can be used to section areas of the property, run along pathways, frame vegetable gardens and decorate long fence lines.

Cedar Wood

The richly grained Cedar lumber is perfect for outdoor projects such as decks, fences, gazebos, pool cabanas, and garden sheds as it is extremely weather resistant.

Cedar is virtually pitch and resin free, the wood easily accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains, to solid coatings and paint.

Thank you for visiting our Cedar Tree Pictures, please feel free to check out more great tree pictures on our tree page list!

Cedar Tree References

Cedar Trees Allergies; Cedar Tree Pollen, Cedar Tree species most responsible for Cedar Fever is the Ashe Juniper

Western Red Cedar Trees; Thuja plicata, go to link to view pictures of Western Red Cedar Trees and Western Red Cedar Tree Facts

Yellow Cedar Trees; large sized cedar tree, to 80 feet tall, 24 metres high, referred as the Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, pictures of Yellow Cedar Trees and Yellow Cedar Tree Facts

Eastern Red Trees medium sized cedar tree, 35-65 feet tall(10-20 metres high). Red cedar tree some times referred to as just cedar tree, juniper, savin, evergreen, cedar apple, and Virginia red cedar. The red cedar is used by many tribes for incense, ritual, tea and medicine, for many tribes the red cedar tree symbolizes the tree of life Eastern Red Trees

Cedar Tree Poaching; Largest and oldest Cedar Trees live over 800 plus years Red Cedar Trees

Cedar Shoe Trees Crafted out of cedar wood. shoe trees help remove moisture and odor from your shoes, they are made expandable to maintain shape you shoes for a long time.

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Rhododenrons Flowers: Blooming Rhododenron Tree Shrub Photos, Images, Picture Library, In May at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rhododendron: France

Oak Tree Leaf: Fall Oak Leaf's Reflection

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Christmas Gazebo Xmas Picture

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Palm Trees, Picture of the Palm Tree Leaves

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Maple Trees, Photo of Red Japanese Maple Landscaping Design

Japanese Maple

Willow Trees, Picture of Willow Tree

Willow Trees

Park Trees, Picture of Flooded Park Bench & Trees


Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

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